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AudioQuest has been the largest cable supplier to the high-end specialist market for many years. AudioQuest is sold in several hundred outlets in the US and in over sixty countries.

AudioQuest was not so much founded as it was evolved under the guidance of founder Bill Low, who launched the company in 1980. The evolution of AudioQuest cables has taken place over the entire life of the company, however several of the most important basic design criteria were established very near the beginning. These basic priorities were established as a result of empirical experience and not by abstract theorizing. There has been a logical and rational progression leading up to today’s extremely coherent line of audio, video and digital cables.

One of the foundations of AudioQuest design - the relationship between multiple conductors - was learned thanks to an accidental experiment. In 1980 a sub-woofer manufacturer asked for a heavier cable for use with his woofer, spiraling four conductors together instead of the normal two as a way to increase the cross sectional area. This four-conductor geometry significantly outperformed the same four conductors run as two twisted pairs. By the fall of 1980, AudioQuest was setting new standards with a six conductor cable known as LiveWire Litz Green. Today, almost every AQ speaker cable uses four or more conductors in an optimized arrangement.