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AudioQuest has been the largest cable supplier to the high-end specialist market for many years. AudioQuest was launched in 1980, and their products are sold in over sixty countries.

The evolution of AudioQuest cables has taken place over the entire life of the company, however several of the most important basic design criteria were established very near the beginning. These basic priorities were established as a result of empirical experience and not by abstract theorizing. There has been a logical and rational progression leading up to today’s extremely coherent line of audio, video and digital cables.

In more recent years Audio Quest have also developed DACs, USB data and noise filters as well as AC power conditioners which were the brainchild of Garth Powell, the company’s director of power conditioners.


  • Red Dragon DAC
  • Niagara power conditioners
  • Jitterbug USB data and noise filters
  • HDMI cables
  • Sub-woofer cables
  • RCA cables & analogue audio interconnects
  • USB and Ethernet Cables